Our Work

We help our partners with the difficult present, while preparing for possible futures.


We work on two interconnected services areas to innovate with and support our partners to strengthen civil society ecosystems in Africa and Latin America.


We work with influencers—funders and international organizations, to improve the way they support global south civil society organizations as an ecosystem.


We investigate the relationship between civil society impact, funding, and collective action. Through methods, such as participatory research and landscape mapping, we create actionable research for funders and international organizations.


We test and validate research insights and recommendations that can make funding responsive to real needs and lead to collective action. Through case analysis and scenario analysis, we work with specific influencers to explore new ways to strengthen civil society ecosystems.


We use the outcomes of research and experimentation to engage and advise funders and international organizations. Through direct community engagement and leadership, we provide the impetus and space to reflect and adapt their strategies.


We work with implementers—civil society in the global south, to develop and apply resilient and future-facing strategies for working on complex socio-political issues.


We help partners survive and thrive in the face of organizational challenges. Through organizational assessment, design and future thinking, we strengthen global south civil society organizations.



We design and facilitate the collective capabilities of partners tackling similar complex socio-political issues, within and across regions. Through systems thinking, design thinking, and process design, we spur and replicate action-oriented collectives.


We help our partners develop and implement future-proof strategies at organizational and ecosystem levels. Through futures design, speculative design and sustainability strategy, we help partners position themselves to anticipate and prepare for the future.


Public participation in digital identification systems in Africa

How can civil society in Africa drive public participation in the creation and implementation of digital identification systems?

  • Status: Ongoing
  • Region: Africa
  • Countries: Nigeria, Malawi, Kenya, Botswana, South Africa, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ghana
  • Work: Innovation – Research

Strengthening democracy in Guatemala

How can we address the challenges that the civil society ecosystem faces in Guatemala as they work towards a stronger democracy? 

  • Status: Ongoing
  • Region: Latin America
  • Country: Guatemala
  • Work:  Innovation – Research

Building a global consortium to curb corruption

How can a global community of advocacy, investigative media, and civic tech organizations exchange methods, tools, and expertise to better fight corruption in their own countries?

  • Status: Ongoing
  • Region: Global
  • Work: Support – Collaboration; Support – Future

Designing models for learning collaborations

How can we improve the ways that civil society organizations from across the globe working on governance, transparency, engagement and accountability effectively link, learn, and collaborate?

  • Status: Ongoing
  • Region: Global
  • Work: Innovation – Experimentation

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